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Axe & Barrel Brewing | Victoria Langford Craft Brewery

Axe & Barrel Brewing Co:  Not the Typical Victoria Brewery Tour

 Axe & Barrel behind the scenes

After long months of their construction, the amazing beers are now flowing at the Axe & Barrel Brewing Co.  They can still be considered relatively new in this industry since they only made their debut at the Canadian beer festival last 2015.  During its construction, the place was called by the locals as Loghouse Brewpub, touring their distilleries, as well as the other surrounding wineries, will cost you $60 which will let you enjoy the sample Langford beer.

 Axe Tour

Axe & Barrel Brewing Co. Guide


While you are on the road for the Victoria brewery tour, you will first head to the newly constructed log house of Axe & Barrel Brewing Co.  Originally, the place was planned to open during the Victoria beer festival but they have been surrounded with issues on their construction and licensing which prompt them to make a debut at the Canadian beer festival instead.  Though they are new in this business, This Langford Brewery has been offering the locals with great-tasting craft beers for years.  Their original liquor store attached on the pub now functions as the brewery.

 Axe and Barrel Behind the scenes tour

The reason why locals referred to it as a log house is pretty obvious.  When you initially go inside the Victoria Brewery, you will be welcomed with their growler station and the small space for the tasting room.  You will then proceed in the hallway where you will discover the brewery.  The whole system that is being used by this brewery was entirely manufactured in this island and is also being used by the various Vancouver Island Breweries.  On the cold room, you will see the tanks that are installed and it also has a small mill room and grain room.


The guests of the pub house will have the opportunity to watch while the action takes place.  You will be directed to the pub side where their own craft beer is being manufactured.  There are macro advertisements all over just like the other Cider houses in the area that I wish they will just remove.  You will then be directed to the liquor store and upstairs in order to have the taste of the finest craft beers that they can offer.  After you are done with the tasting sessions, you will then proceed back to your van and continue with your Victoria brewery tour.

Mash Ton

The Axe & Barrel Brewing Co is open to the public daily from 11:00 am up to 12:00 am.  The tasting room will be open at 12:00 pm.  They have been providing Langford beer, and scratch made food to the locals and the visitors alike.  You will definitely enjoy the refreshing and unique taste of their beer that is perfectly matched with the menu of the day.