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Blue Moon Winery & Cider

The Blue Moon Winery

The Blue Moon Winery may also be known to many as the old Natures Way Farm, where people go seasonally to purchase blueberries and the veggies that are on offer.  Although it is almost impossible to miss it, the tasting bar located at the farm gate shop is the perfect stop over for a sip of wine after a long day having fun at the farm. Blue Moon Winery has gained popularity over the years, as the quality of liqueurs and wines that are made from fruits have continued to improve.  In Vancouver Island, Blue Moon Winery has helped to introduce more locals to fruit wines, in a market that has mostly been dominated by beer and ciders.

Blue Moon Winery

At the winery, George Ehrler, the proprietor was an engineer by profession before he decided to open the now successful establishment. George uses the blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, and the apples that grow on the other side of the farm to produce the wines.  He also purchases other types of fruits such as pears and cherries that do not grow on the farm from local farmers.

One of the most popular wines to come from the Blue Moon Winery is the Eclipse, which is a port style wine that is made from blueberries that are grown on the farm, as well as blueberries from other farms in the vicinity.  The production of the wines is not as large as the owner would want it to be, however, the size of the winery is sufficient enough to meet the demands of the potential customers that come to the farm daily.

Raven Cider

The ciderworx not only produces wines, but it also creates handcrafted sparkling ciders that have become sought after across various parts of Vancouver.  All the fruits that are used are collected at the peak of the harvest when they are perfectly ripe and are used to make small batches of high-quality fruit wine.

The production process combines both old world techniques of fermentation and fruit ripening alongside newer techniques that have improved the quality of the beverages that are produced.  All the beverages that are produced are created with a pure mixture of fruit, without the addition of any concentrates or amounts of water.  Some of the drinks available on offer from Blue Moon Winery include Apple cider, Apple Raspberry Cider, which has a gentle and appealing effervescence, Dry Hopped Apple Plum Cider, whose recipe is crafted by George himself and apple cherry cider among others.