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Destination Management Program Guide | Vancouver Victoria Nanaimo Whistler

Destination Management Program Guide 

We would love to host your group in Vancouver, Victoria, Nanaimo, Kelowna & Whistler.  Custom group tours and food is always available when necessary (Food included on most winery tours).  Hotel or custom pickup included.

Please contact or call (778) 320 3409 to discuss custom tours and setting up your dates. We look forward to hearing from you.

Vancouver Tour Offerings

About Canadian Craft Tours

Vancouver Craft Brewery Tour - 10 - 300 Guests

Vancouver Craft Brewery & Distillery Tour 10 - 100 Guests

North Vancouver Brewery Tour 10-100 Guests

Vancouver to Fraser Valley Wine Tour 10 - 160 Guests

Vancouver Coffee Tour 

Vancouver Chinatown Dim Sum Tour 

Vancouver's Best Granville Island Tour 

Brewery Tour Crash Course (available in all cities)

Whistler Tour Offerings

Whistler Brewery Tour 10-100 Guests

Victoria Tour Offerings

Victoria to Cowichan Wine Tour 10 - 250 Guests

Victoria Craft Brewery Tour 10 - 120 Guests

Victoria Craft Brewery & Distillery Tour 10 - 120 Guests

Victoria Peninsula Wine Tour 10 - 90 Guests

Nanaimo Tour Offerings

Nanaimo Craft Brewery Tour 10 - 60 Guests

Nanaimo to Cowichan Wine Tour 10 - 250 Guests

Kelowna Tour Offerings

Kelowna Winery Tour 200+ Guests

Kelowna Craft Brewery Tour | Substitute for Brewery Distillery Tour for +$10/person

Calgary Tour Offerings

Calgary Craft Brewery Tour 10-300 Guests

Tour Pricing Options

Please contact us for Destination Managment pricing.