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Canadian Craft Tours Frequently Asked Questions | FAQ

Are you thinking about joining us for an adventure across the city that will bring you behind the scenes at local craft breweries, distilleries or wineries? Keep reading for general tour inclusions and important things you need to know before we pick you up.
***Ready to book? View our calendar for tour dates. We have an option everyday of the week.***

What do the tours include?

What should I bring?

I have a new born baby, should I bring them along on the tour?

CONGRATS!!! That's amazing. Please leave the new addition to your family at home as it is most likely a public tour.  If you are planning a group of 10+ give us a call to discuss.

Can I create a custom tour?

Absolutely! We offer custom tours for groups of 10+ or a minimum base price of $750 ($75/person), contact us for details.

Do you choose the breweries or do I?

We always suggest letting us choose the breweries but suggestions are welcome.  Depending on day of week, size of group and time of day the best venues change.  We know your best options.

Are your Beers Vegetarian or Vegan?

Although we promise that the beverages offered on our tour do not eat any meat it is difficult for us to promise that no gelatin found their way into the brewing/distilling/wine-making process.

What time do the tours start?

Start times vary by tour and date.
***Vancouver morning tours meet 30 minutes prior to start time for check in and travel time to the first event. All other tours meet 15 minutes prior to start time.

Are there minimum passenger requirements for tours to run?

All tours have a four passenger minimum. If by the day before your tour we don't have four people booked we'll make sure to call you to offer you some options.

Why buy a tour when I can go for free?

Purchasing a tour with us ensures you get to see behind the curtain of our brewery, winery and distillery partners with the guidance and expertise of our BeerGeeks. It also means you’re free to drink as you please without the worry of arranging transportation!

My friend doesn’t drink, can they still come?

We can definitely provide a discounted rate for friends that want to come for the experience but aren’t into beer. If the establishment we're visiting offers other beverages they will need to be purchased separately.

How long is a tour?

Tour run times vary based on the tour you select.  Winery Tours 5-6 Hours, Brewery Tours 3-4 Hours, Brewery & Distillery Tour 3.5 -4.25 hours


Where do you pick­up/drop­ off? ­

Nanaimo: 90 Front Street, Nanaimo. Enter the lower parkade using the entrance across the street from the Coast Bastion Hotel. We'll be in the round-a-bout.

Vancouver:­ 999 Canada Place Way, Vancouver. In the 'bus zone' along the curb.

Victoria: 660 Oswego St, Victoria.  At the passenger loading zone.

How much does it cost?

Tour prices vary. Please view the page for the specific tour option you're interested in or email us for private tour rates.  Take advantage of our 

How can I pay?

Tour payments are processed online through credit card through Peek, Shopify and PayPal which accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express (a PayPal account is not required in order to make payment). Please inquire by email if you need to make alternate arrangements.

How do I purchase a tour?

General tours can booked online through our Booking Calendar. Private tours can be arranged by contacting us directly

What is the largest tour group you can accommodate?

­ We can accommodate groups of 14-55 on our shuttles. Event days can be planned for groups upwards of 400 people. We have partnerships to ensure groups of any size can be accommodated for custom tours.

Is there a minimum age?

All tour attendees must be at least 19 years of age and hold valid photo ID.

What’s not included?

If your tour was arranged with a food stop all food and beverage costs incurred are your responsibility. Additional beer, growlers, merchandise and any gratuity you’d like to provide for the breweries or tour guides are also not included.

Do you have gift certificates? ­

Yes! Gift Certificates can be purchased for any denomination. Please email us for more details.

What breweries will we visit?

With such a diverse brewery and distillery landscape in the Lower Mainland and Victoria (and up and coming spots!) we can assure you that every tour will be slightly different. Our current tours operate with the following partners:

Parallel 49, Postmark Brewing, Strange Fellows BrewingBig Rock,...so many to list!

Victoria: Category 12 Brewing , Lighthouse BrewingPhillips Brewing & Malting and Driftwood Brewery, Ake & Barrel, Victoria Caledonia 

Can I transfer my spot to friends?

Yes, you can transfer your spot to friends at no extra charge! You will need to advise us of the change and provide their names and contact info.

What if I’m late?

We will try to wait (if we can) but also need to be mindful to not keep other guests waiting too long. You're welcome to join the tour at the first brewery location but transportation expenses will not be covered by CCT.

Do I have to pay for brewery samples?

No way! Samples are included in your tour cost.

Can I purchase beer or growlers on the tour?

You can certainly purchase beer to consume after the tour is complete!

Is food available on the tour?

Breweries often have snacks available for purchase (pepperoni sticks, jerky, cheese bread, etc) but we can’t guarantee what will be available. For this reason, we recommend eating before the tour.

No seriously, we need food, help?

Email us to arrange for a food stop during the tour. All expenses incurred on the food stop will be your responsibility.

Can I drink in the van?

No, drinking alcohol while inside a vehicle is against BC's Liquor Law. Luckily, the breweries are all relatively close together!

Do I need to print my reservation and bring it?

Nah, you just need two (2) pieces of valid ID. (at least one being picture ID)

What is your refund policy?

Within 15 days or more of your tour - 85% refund

Within 14 days of your tour - 50% refund

Within 7 days of your tour - Tour credit only

Cancellations within 72 hours of tour - No refunds and no credits

No Shows - No refunds and no credits

Do you have a different refund policy for groups?

Yes, due to the nature of group bookings we require a non-refundable deposit of 25% at time of booking. All group events must be paid for in full 7 days before the date of the tour. 

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