Mill Creek Brewing & Bowling - CANADIAN CRAFT TOURS
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Mill Creek Brewing & Bowling

Mill Creek Brewery


Now this the perfect venue for your "Big Labouski Brewery Tour".  Stop for a flight and a few rounds of bowling.  

Do you love drinking beer? A lot of people actually do, but not everybody is aware of the various processes involved during the brewery. In order to find out more about these, you can choose to include a Kelowna brewery tour in your next adventure!


As a matter of fact, a lot of people decide to visit Kelowna breweries in order to celebrate certain events and activities, including a Kelowna bachelor party, or even a Kelowna corporate event, such as an employee appreciation event.


What to Expect


If it is your first time to join a tour at Kelowna breweries, you will certainly enjoy that special kind of feeling. You have the excitement of enjoying a taste of craft beer Kelowna at the tree brewing restaurant, surrounded by people you love hanging out with. Most importantly, you can also enjoy the process of learning about brewery.


This involved learning the ingredients that are used, the production process, and several others. With the rise of these local breweries, you can have a glimpse as to how your favourite craft beer Kelowna is made. You will not just know how they are made, but you will also end up appreciating every drink moving forward.


These breweries usually accommodate the events and activities mentioned above. If you are planning to have an amazing experience for your bachelorette or stag party, why not choose something that will allow you to learn more about that one thing that you also love the most.


With a special tour to Mill Creek brewery, you and your friends will see how your favourite craft beer is made, and you can also have the opportunity to ask some questions that you may be curious of, such as the ingredients that are used, including the brewing techniques implemented. These tours are not just informative, but fun at the same time.


A Unique Treat


These days, people look for interesting experiences to enjoy during some of the most important moments in their lives. While a simple get together over dinner will do, choosing something exciting will make the event even more memorable. One such activity that you can consider is a visit to these Kelowna breweries. Visitors are welcome here, and they also offer guided tours. These tours will allow you to have a glimpse at the behind-the-scene action, and see what is involved in the entire process.


At the end of the day, you can even take with you some of the beverages made at the Mill Creek brewery, for souvenir, and for consumption. Surely, this will give you more appreciation with every drink of craft beer that you will have moving forward!