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Peller Estates Winery

Peller EstatesKelowna Wine Tours


Peller EstatesKelowna wine tours are considered the best in the region and possibly the entire country. Featuring a taste of their critically recognised Ice Cuvée and an Ice Bar kept at a constant temperature of -10 degrees, Kelowna wineries are a true definition of winery.




Peller Estates are located along 290 John St E, Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON L0S 1J0, Canada, a convenient location perfect for that cold bottle of fine wine.


Critically Acclaimed Wines from Peller Estates


Ice Cuvée


The signature Ice Cuvée is a critically acclaimed wine with over 14 awards, with the latest accolade being the Ontario Wine Awards 2014, where it won the Gold Medal. This alone speaks volumes about this sparkling wine made from hand-picked Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes. Considered as the perfect ‘celebration wine,’ a glass of Ice Cuvée comes with hints of honey and a perfect blend of apricot, ripe apple, and yeast, not to grape which add a unique flavour.


Private Reserve Riesling 2015


The Private Reserve Riesling 2015 is a perfect statement of the glorious blend of peach and tangerine with farm-fresh lemons. Complimented by notes of green apple and crisp citrus fruit, Private Reserve Riesling 2015 is a must-taste during Kelowna wine tours.


Peller Estates Kelowna Wine Tour


Arguably one of the best large scale Kelowna wineries, Peller Estates, located at the heart of Niagara wine country, offers a comprehensive premium tour of the estates and the cellars as you get a feel of what it takes to make the best wines in the country.


The Kelowna wine tour begins at the Celebration Lounge where you are immersed into the history of these Kelowna wineries as well as a taste of their critically acclaimed Ice Cuvée. Continue your best Kelowna wine tour at the Peller estates (Niagara Escarpment) where all the magic happens.


Afterwards, visit our underground Barrel cellar where you are introducing to our other fine wines such as the Private Reserve Riesling 2015. From there, put on a Canadian Parka and enter an ice bar, kept frosty at -10 degrees. Finish off your Kelowna wine tour with a winery boutique perfectly designed for you.


Opening Hours


Peller Estates Kelowna wineries are open every day from 10 am to 9 pm, giving you more time to take the best Kelowna wine tour and still have time to settle down and simple a glass of their fine wine.


Overall, if you are looking for the best Kelowna wine tour, be sure to head on to Peller Estates for the best wine sampling experience in the region.