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Twin City Brewing

Twin City Brewing

Port Alberni’s Twin City Brewing is a local brewery that focuses on the production of craft beer and is located inside a facility along Margaret Street. Twin City Breweries joins the ranks of many other craft breweries in Vancouver Island as a result of the ongoing craft brewery explosion that has taken over most communities by storm.  The brewery was opened in early March and was founded by owner, who also doubles up as brewer Aaron Colyn.

Twin City is classified as a nano brewery and it offers a diverse array of styles on tap at any given time. Each of the beers that are produced has a West Coast influence; however, the brewery also has plans to dedicate specific taps aimed at educating the steady stream of customers regarding the various brewing styles, rare ingredients, different brewing techniques and about single malt hops that highlight specific combinations of ingredients.

Twin City aims to supply and produce freshly crafted beer for the environs and beyond. The brewery was given its name as a result of the need to pay serious attention to the quality of the beers produced.  The name is a throwback to the Alberni Valley that was made of twin municipalities back in the 1960s.

Twin City Beers

Twin City Brewing has four different styles and a guest tap. Two of the beers on offer will rotate on a monthly basis while the other two will remain on tap all through the year.  The beers, which include Run of the Mill IPA, Porter Alberni Dry Porter, Tickety Boo English Pale Ale and the Swedish Gymnast Blonde Ale, will be offered on flights, glasses and growler refills.  So far, the brewery has been received well by both locals and craft beer aficionados, having being named one of the Top 10 Most Anticipated craft breweries opening in 2017.

The layout of the brewery, where the beer is produced is strategic, to ensure that the patrons visiting get to enjoy the freshest beer available. The four tanks that are used for the brewing process are interconnected by a hard line that runs to the taps so that the beer that is poured out of the 1200 liter capacity tank is not served straight from a keg but straight out of the fridge.

From the taps, patrons can view the tanks and the kitchen from the front seats, which can accommodate 44 customers.  Although the brewery is small, it is quite intimate and able to lodge people looking to socialize and enjoy a good time.