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Twin Sails Brewing

Twin Sails and the Type of Beer they Brew

Twin Sails


This is one of the beer brewers who combine high profile malts and hops to create fulfilling tasty beers that any beer lover can like. It is known to have an experience of over eight years in the brewing industry, and it has partnered with other iconic brewers to make special brands that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Nanaimo Brewery Company is one of the best because it used creatively designed and acknowledged recipes to yield soothing beers that are pleasing to everyone. Find out the best beer brands that you can get from this brewery facility below.


Twin Sail Pilsner


This is a golden lager that is pale and clean in appearance making it to attract the eyes of the drinker from far. Made from 100% German pilsner Malt, this is the best beer that you can you can have to express a high class of your part or vocation. Twin sail breweries can produce it in large numbers to cater for all the people in Nanaimo brewery tour. It is made from the combination of the royal German Hallertau and Czech Saaz hop making the beer to be special and rare to find in any other place.


Day Blink


As the name insinuates, every sip you make would make you to feel a certain feeling that you have never felt before. This is known as the American Pale Ale which is made purely from Simcoe Hops making it to be sweet tasting and aromatic. It has a spicy taste and smell due to the peach & apricot flavours that have been added to it. Your Nanaimo party would be special when you order this brand because everyone is going to like it more than before.




This is a brown and copper coloured beer that is made from brewed wheat which makes it be delicious and aromatic just like wheat. It has a spicy taste and smell due to the incorporation of the caramel malts that is added to its recipe making to be pleasing before the drinker. The clove phenols from Bavarian yeast makes the beer to have a unique taste and appearance which makes every drinker to like it and order more and more always. Of all the Vancouver Island Breweries, twin sails is the only one company that can produce this brand.


When you are looking for Vancouver Wineries and beer breweries, it is worth noting your beer or wine type to ensure that you have the best place that would suite your drinking needs. Your tour or vocation at Twin sails would be a success through wonderful refreshments that are going to be provided.