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Top 10 Wine, Beer and Whiskey Holiday Gift Ideas

by Brandon Moscrip December 12, 2022

Top 10 Wine, Beer and Whiskey Holiday Gift Ideas

Top 10 Gift Ideas For That Special Someone

If you are like me you might still be a few gift shy of your holiday season.  Why go out when you can order online and have your package delivered before that special holiday. 

Weather they love Whiskey, Wine, or Beer we have our top gift ideas for the holiday season.  Most of our gifts are on Amazon so you can one click shop your holiday shopping list!



Wine Lovers Best Gifts

Wine Opener Gift Set

While there is almost no way to dink the wine without opening the bottle first, here's the perfect gift idea for under $40.   Shop now and use the $6 coupon! 

 Wine Opener Set

Decanter Gift Set

Decanting bigger red wines helps in bringing out the flavours you are meant to taste.  How about a Wine decanter to ensure that bottle of red is ready to go for dinner?  

 Wine Decanter


Wine Tumbler Gift Set

For the beer lover, there's a nice discreet cover below but for our wine lovers there's an even better option, a wine tumbler.  How about a wine tumbler gift set that makes you both look good.  I've spent $20-$25 on just one wine tumbler, here's 2 plus a few extra gifts for the price of just one!


 Wine Tumbler

Wine Glasses, Stemless!

How about our favourite wine glasses?  Stemless were great until they were all knocked over in the last couple of decades and spilled red wine your carpet.  Stemless is the new spill cleaner-upper. 


 Wine Glasses

Whiskey Lover's Top Gift Choices

Whiskey Glasses and Stones Gift Set

There's few things better than a great Whiskey at the end of the day.  Try this gift set that incudes glasses and Whiskey stones (And Tongs!) that are kept in the freezer until you need them.

 Whiskey Gift Set

Bartending Gift Set

How about a bartending kit?  You buy for them, and they make drinks for you.   This is one of my favourites.

 Bartending Kit

Beer Gifts for That Special Someone

For the Craft Beer Lover, there's a few fun things to help them enjoy their hobby.  Below are our fav's that most of us use or would use this holiday season.

Craft Beer Passport | BC & Alberta Available.  Distillery Passport Also available. 

 BC Beer Passport

Beer Can Cover

How about a Beer Can Cover Gift Pack?  Perfect for those long walks in the park. 

 Beer Cover Gift Pack

Yeti Beer Can Cooler

This is my personal favourite.  Make sure to buy the tall can because that's what all the breweries sell now adays.  If they drink small RTD (Ready to drinks) then you'll want the right option for those.

Yeti Beer Cooler


Wine or Beer Tour Gift Cards with Canadian Craft

Our only plug for our products: Wine or Beer Tour gift cards for across Canada. Our team hosts in person libation events from BC to Alberta and Ontario.


Brandon Moscrip
Brandon Moscrip


If you can not get a hold of Brandon he is either Snowboarding, diving, in a hammock or on the hunt for his favourite new Craft Beverage somewhere globally. If you are looking for Brandon, you'll have a better chance finding Waldo.

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