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Our Fleet

Our goal is to ensure you have an incredible experience.   Our fleet can handle any event.  

2017 Ford Transit HD:
Meet Big Bertha - Gas Van Bustofson and Jack.  Your everyday friendly giant offering comfortable seating for 14 people with room for luggage.  She's perfect for the Sea to Sky Brewery tour, Calgary Brewery Tour, and Vancouver Brewery Tours especially when you have luggage.  Did we mention she has Sirius Satellite radio?  We have only ever had one person loose their lunch and that was on her maiden voyage on the "Sea to Sky Brewery Tour"... Before the drinking happened.

Ford Transit Wine Tour Bus

Big Bus 20-24 Passenger Ford E450's: This is our favourite, perfect for long drives with it's 2 TV's and DVD player.  Meet Big White & Jasper, these buses are our bus of choice for larger corporate parties and special events.  It even has a handy lift in the rear.

Jasper 24 pass

2015 Ford Transit:  Meet Wine-o. Premium seating, and everything you would come to expect with from a limo but in a shuttle van. This 14 passenger plus driver vehicle is smooth driving and will ensure your time spent in the shuttle exceeds your expectations. 

2017 Ford Transit: Meet our newest addition to the Canadian Craft fleet.  Ideal for longer trips, this bus seats 14 passengers plus driver.  With a full sized extra step and extra high roof you'll enjoy this extra bit of luxury.

Logo's Beer Buses Transits

2013 Ford Econoline: Meet "Penelope".  When we went to name her we had 2-3 great names that had to do with her being new, hip and reliable.   Michelle then told us that her Kelowna Beer/Wine bus's name was Penelope and that was the end of the naming process.  This newer model Ford Econoline will ensure your comfort for the entire tour and seats a group of 14+driver.  You may also notice it has a beanie baby hanging from the rear view, his name is Darius Rucker.  

Ford Econoline: Meet "Doug".  This 14 passenger + driver has side rails to make climbing in and out much easier.  Our Econoline has plenty of power and has been well taken care of.  With plenty of room to store your wine/spirits or other beverages you purchased along the way there is no tour this van can not run.  **Beer to be stored, not drank on the bus.  In BC it is illegal to drink in a vehicle regardless of passenger capacity.  Black Betty gets passed around to cover tours when we are overbooked, so if you see her it's your lucky day!  It means that instead of canceling your tour we sent Black Betty to rescue the day!

Beer Bus Toronto

Beer Bike Fleet: Meet our 14 passenger Beer Bikes.  These seasonal party hosts are perfect for beer tours.  These are 100% pedal powered and all we ask is that you start and end the tour with the guide.  Otherwise our guide has to go rent a trailer to move the bike back and that's no fun :) 

 Party Bike Fleet