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Virtual Trivia Night!

Virtual Trivia Night Hosted By Canadian Craft Tours!

If you are looking for a fun and interactive virtual team-building event to organize for your friends or coworkers, then look no further! Our guides will host your virtual Trivia game night! Cozy up at your computer with your favourite local beer or wine and prepare for a night of games, skill-testing questions and fun! 

Our guides will provide you with a beer or wine shopping list prior to the event and will include tasting notes, and fun facts throughout the event! We can also arrange to have your beer or wine delivered right to your door! 

Our fun and knowledgeable guides will take your team through an in-depth tasting, a behind-the-scenes tour to see brewing/winemaking, and fun and exciting games! If you have any ideas as to how we can tailor the experience to your group to create the perfect online experience, please let us know! 

Our Online Trivia Nights include:

  • 60 minutes of guided Trivia
  • A behind the scenes brewery tour/winery tour
  • Craft beer and wine history and a look at what people are drinking now
  • Tasting tips and tricks 
  • A knowledgeable and talented guide to host the whole event
  • Themes and dress-up options (get creative!)
  • Choose from general trivia, beer trivia or wine trivia

To plan your next Virtual Trivia Night contact us at or call us at 778-320-3409 ex.2.

Virtual Trivia Night

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