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Virtual Coffee Tasting Tour

Hosted Virtual Coffee Tasting Tour

Our virtual coffee tasting tour lasts an hour and includes cold brew coffee delivered in BC, AB, Ontario, Quebec.  Learn about cold brew coffee that is made specific to our virtual event.  Option for a larger Coldbrew and non-dairy milks for different flavors (Oat milk and Almond milk).  The perfect morning team building or start to your day.

Our team can host your meeting platform or provide our corporate zoom link.  Choose from a package shipped to each participant or a shopping list. 

    What is included in the Virtual Coffee Tasting Tour?

    Choose from one of our favourite hosting options:

    • Build Your Own Latte: 500ml Cold Brew coffee and 3 X Alt Milks. Hosted by our coffee expert to take you through the tasting process.
    • Three Coffee Drinks: 3 x 250ml Premade Cold Brew Coffee's and hosted coffee tasting hour.
    • Coffee & Tea:  1 x 250ml Premade Cold Brew Coffee, 1 x 250ml Premade Tea drink, 1 x 250ml Premade Oatmilk Latte! Hosted in one event with your person coffee/caffeine expert.

    How to book A Virtual Coffee Tasting Event

    Email our team at with the city/cities your group is located in and we will work on the event with you.  Shipping is best when given 2 weeks to plan the event. 

    How Much Does The Virtual Coffee Tasting Tour Cost?

    Hosted Cold Brew tasting hour runs $90/person and includes delivery in Vancouver. 

    Please visit the bottom of our FAQ page for more information on the delivery process.

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