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Virtual Happy Hour

Online Events From Anywhere in Canada or US!

Join us for a private virtual happy hour and experience the craft beer, wine, or coffee in your local area.  Enjoy a hosted "behind-the-scenes tour", learn about the craft beer or wine scene in your city, play games with your group, and support local!

Our online events include:

  • Beer or Wine Trivia and games
  • A behind the scenes brewery or winery tour & online tutorial on brewing
  • Craft beer or wine history and what people are drinking now
  • Tasting tips and tricks for beer, wine, or coffee
  • A knowledgeable and talented guide to host the whole event

Virtual tasting and happy hours are hosted by our talented and fun Lead Guides on our company Zoom link or your corporate meeting platform of choice. 

Virtual Tour

To plan a Virtual Happy Hour you can also contact us at or call us at 778-320-3409 ex.2.

Standard Happy Hour is 60- 90 minutes but things can run a little longer. Just like our in-person brewery and winery tours, we can tailor our tours to suit your unique group! We can add a theme (get dressed up!), custom trivia, mixology, and more. 

Virtual happy hours are perfect for:

  • Team Building and Corporate Parties
  • Birthday Parties and Social Events
  • Bachelor parties, Bachelorettes, and Wedding Events
  • Families and Friends 

Sample itinerary:

5:00 pm: Introduction! Meet your guide and get ready for the tour to begin.

5:05 pm: What are we drinking!? Crack open the first drink and get started! 

5:10 pm: Overview of the local and international beer or wine scene, plus a little history.

5:25 pm: Crack that next one and learn about what makes it special.

5:30 pm: Behind the scenes tour of an independent local brewery or winery and Beer Trivia

5:45 pm: Crack that next one and let's talk about it. Things are getting fun!

6:30 pm: Crack that the last one, talk about it. Summerize and answer general questions. We will divide into rooms with larger groups to answer questions.

6:30 pm: Hang out for 30-60 minutes+ and enjoy your buzz and time together! 

Delivery options in Canada:

Delivery options are available in Vancouver, Victoria, Kelowna, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Toronto. If your city is outside of this list, please reach out for options.

The cost per person with beer delivery is $90CAD/person + taxes includes beer delivery of the top 10 population centers in Canada. 

  • Virtual Happy Hour only $30/person (Includes shopping list) 
  • Virtual Happy Hour with delivery in major population centers $90/person
  • Virtual Happy Hour with delivery and cheese pairing $120/person
  • Partake (Non-alcoholic beer) available across Canada

Delivery in the USA:

Delivery of beer or wine baskets are available across the country (even for remote tea members). Choose from one of the following options: 

  1. Basket featuring three craft beers, two blocks of savoury cheese, and summer sausage to pair with delicate water crackers - $90 USD/person

  2. Basket including three craft beers that have been hand-chosen from your local microbreweries and expertly paired with an assortment of carefully chosen gourmet snacks - $90 USD/person

  3. Inside a dark wood tray, your recipient will discover a perfectly blended Cabernet Sauvignon that's surrounded by a traditional assortment of irresistible gourmet snacks. Complementing this red grape varietal wine is smokey gouda cheese, tasty hors d'oeuvre crackers, and a premium garlic sausage - $109 USD/person

    Groups must be 10+ people in each area for deliveries of local beers. Gift baskets are available for all participants across North America.


    Please visit the bottom of our FAQ page for more information on the delivery process.

    To plan a Virtual Happy Hour, contact us at or call us at 778-320-3409 ex.2.