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What are Hops?

by S F November 21, 2022

The Team at Canadian Craft Tours discusses what Hops are and how Hops impact the taste of beer.  Hops make such a huge impact in flavour, bitterness and aroma and we've been using them in beer for centuries.

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Hefeweizen- A Quick History of a Hazy Past

by Brandon Moscrip November 20, 2022

Hefeweizen from the German Hefe (yeast) and weizen (wheat) is one of the oldest recorded styles of beer, dating back to 3400 BC. Although we know it today as a traditional German style beer, wheat beers were first brewed by Sumarians and then the Egyptians centuries before the Bavarians began drinking the beer.

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Finding Award Winning Beer in Calgary

by Brandon Moscrip November 13, 2022

Finding award winning beer in Calgary just got a whole lot quicker.

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Edmonton, the City of 'BEER' Champions

by S F November 13, 2022

In many of the Canadian cities where we conduct Craft Brewery Tours you can find a specialized district that houses numerous breweries. Vancouver has the aptly named ‘Brewery District’ , Toronto has the “Stockyards”, Calgary has the ‘Barley Belt’ and now Edmonton has “Happy Beer Street”. 

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