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Toronto Craft Beer Boat Tour

Explore the City's Waterfront in Style

Available for private groups from May 1st to September 30th

Embark on the ultimate Toronto Craft Beer Boat Tour for an unforgettable fusion of cityscape, waterways, and craft beer delights. Our Craft Beer Boat Cruise Toronto invites you to set sail on a journey that encapsulates the essence of Toronto's diverse beer scene. Begin your adventure with the Toronto Island Beer Experience, navigating through the serene islands while savouring a curated selection of craft brews against the stunning backdrop of the city skyline.

This Harbourfront Boat Beer Tasting Tour seamlessly blends the vibrant atmosphere of Toronto's waterfront with the sophistication of craft beer or wine. Join our expert guides as they keep you entertained while travelling by personal boat to Toronto Island, our guides will talk about the city's rich beer culture all while you get to sample unique brews on board the boat and then at each stop on Toronto Island. The Toronto Brewery Boat Trip will have you cruising in style on our licensed boats, and indulging in the best craft beers Toronto has to offer.

What to Expect During Your Tour

  • Round trip transportation by private boat from Toronto's waterfront (Tour available for private groups of 8 - 12)
  • Enjoy 3 local craft beers during the tour
  • 30 minute boat ride while enjoying a beer on board the boat followed by a visit to Toronto Island Upper Marina Dock restaurant and bar and then a final stop in at the Island Riviera Restaurant and Bar
  • Our Toronto Craft Beer Boat Tours are hosted by one of our local expert beer guides + a captain to ensure that your group travels safely from dock to dock!
  • Pricing per person starting at $175/Person



Choose from our fleet of 3 licensed boats, each with a capacity of 12 paying guests. Your group will be accompanied by 1 knowledgeable guide and 1 experienced captain provided by us.

Capacity: Minimum guest count of 8 guests and Maximum of 36 guests

For groups exceeding 36 people, multiple tours will run every 45 minutes.

Tour Times:

  • 11:00 am - Breakfast Beers Tour
  • 3:30 pm - Fun in the Sun Tour
  • 7:30 pm - Sunset Tour


1st Drink On Board:

Start your journey with a refreshing craft beer on board your private water ferry as you embark on a 30-minute cruise through the Toronto Islands.

Toronto Island Marina Upper Dock:

Enjoy 45 minutes at the Toronto Island Marina Upper Dock where each guest will receive a full craft beer upon arrival


A 10-minute transfer by boat to the next destination.

Island Riviera 

Spend another delightful 45 minutes at the Island Riviera where each guest will receive a full beer upon arrival

Return to City or Ferry to Yonge Street:

Either enjoy a 10-minute transfer back to the city or take a ferry ride for free to Yonge Street.

Total Time:

2.5 - 3 hours of unforgettable craft beer and scenic beauty.

Why Choose Us:

Experience the magic of Island Hopping Craft Beer Tour, a delightful exploration of Toronto's islands, each stop offering a distinct craft beer selection. As you embark on this Scenic Beer Cruise Toronto, let the picturesque views unfold before your eyes, creating a perfect backdrop for an immersive beer-tasting experience. Join us for a Toronto Waterfront Beer Excursion, where the city's skyline meets tranquil waters, revealing hidden gems along the way. Our Unique Beer Tasting on the Water elevates the experience, providing a one-of-a-kind adventure that tantalizes your taste buds with the finest craft brews.

Indulge in a Guided Beer Tour Toronto Island, led by knowledgeable guides who share insights into the rich history and flavours of the Toronto Islands. The Harbour Beer Tasting Adventure adds a maritime touch to your journey, allowing you to sip and savour craft beers against the stunning backdrop of the harbour. As the day unfolds, join us for the Craft Beer Sunset Cruise Toronto, where the setting sun transforms the city skyline, creating a magical ambiance for sipping on the best craft beers. This Toronto Nautical Beer Experience offers a unique blend of a boat tour and craft beer sophistication.

Our Exclusive Toronto Boat Brewery awaits, providing a floating paradise for beer enthusiasts seeking a premier craft beer experience. Join the Toronto Craft Beer and Views Tour for a boat tour with craft beer tasting, discovering the true essence of Toronto's beer culture. Immerse yourself in the Toronto Island Beer Discovery, a curated journey of exploration and indulgence. This Harbourfront Ale Cruise Toronto promises a refreshing adventure, merging the love of ale with the charm of Toronto's waterfront. Brace yourself for the ultimate Toronto Beer and Boating Adventure, where every sip and every view create lasting memories on this craft beer odyssey.

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