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Bachelor & Bachelorette Party Planning

Bachelor Party Beer Tour


When you throw a bachelor or Bachelorette party with Canadian Craft Tours everything is included in the day.  The last thing we want the group to be doing while drinking is getting behind the wheel.  Custom pickup and drop off in your city is included for groups of 10+ guests in the cost of the tour.

Bachelor Party Planning Tips

  1. Have the group pay you the deposit or the tour amount in full before committing to their spot.
  2. Tell the group there is a max of 14 seats (Unless you are booking a larger bus with us.  Pay for the first 10 and add the last 3-4 people before the final payment is due (10 days prior to tour date).  Tell the stragglers, no payment no tour.
  3. Tell the group the price is 10-15% higher so you have room to cover the Grooms/Bride/Person of honour's seat and anything you want to buy for their tour (Costume, food, merch)
  4. Plan the drinking style festivities for after the tour (If the group is messed up we can't refund or run the tour).
  5. Ask for a food option if you need something more substantial than Pizzas and burgers.  We do this every day and have great options in every city.
  6. Include the tip as an Auto-gratuity.  Generally, this is 15% off the retail cost of the tour.  Once the group has been drinking it's one of the first things groups forget.
  7. Make reservations for food after the tour, we can probably drop you off there if you let us know around the time you book the tour
  8. Dressing up the Groom/Bride is always recommended

Now choose your tour and lets party.  

*25% non-refundable (Transferrable) deposit due upon booking.  The deposit can be used towards other tours if dates change or you as the organizer need to cancel

Bachelorette Wine Tour