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Corporate & Group Events

Corporate Group Events

With over 200 tour partners across Canada the team at Canadian Craft can is setup to organize a group of any size.  Breweries, Wineries, Distilleries, Cider houses and Coffee Shops can make for great venues for networking, or just to celebrate another year around the sun.  

Weather you are looking to host a team event, client event or add an event to a conference our team has plenty of bus tours, bike tours and virtual tours to incorporate into your event.


Start With A Standard Tour, We Curate From There

Choose a set tour or we can work with you to make changes to an already existing tour to work with your group.  General changes range from:

Every group is different.  Some people love wine, some love craft beer while everyone has the need to be entertained.  Contact us to discuss which venues would be great for your group.  

Axe & Barrel Tours

Private Tastings and Constant Entertainment

Each city has it's own unique venues that are perfect for your event.   Virtual Events run 30 - 90 minutes, standard bus tours run 2 - 6 hours and work around your schedule.   Our most popular options to pair are:



Social Hour | Networking Events

Teams that spend time together, perform together.  Studies show a 10 fold ROI on team building and company networking events.  These events vary from 1-4 hours and can include a tour and tasting of a local craft brewery, winery or distillery.


Brewery Tour Crash Course 

Limited on time or budget? Want the basics in a more timely fashion? Get the perfect intro to the craft beer scene with our Craft Brewery Crash Course.  2-2.5 hours, 2 breweries, round-trip transportation, flights, and behind the scenes tour.