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Brewery Tour Crash Course

There is a lot to know about craft beer and a lot of different craft beers to try.  With new flavours, styles, and breweries popping up all the time, it can be hard to figure out where to start.  Let us help! 

The perfect starter package - our crash course takes you to 2 different breweries for flights of hand-picked beers (we'll give you the rundown on each). You will get an exclusive and informative behind the scenes tour to view and learn about the brewing process first hand. Try new beers, learn new things, and have a boatload of fun. 

What does my tour include? 

  • Round-trip transportation 
  • Custom pick-up and drop-off locations 
  • Local, fun guide 
  • 2 Breweries 
  • 1 Behind the Scenes Tour 
  • 2 flights (4x4oz)

For more information or to book a private tour please email or call 1-800-601-9483.  


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