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Virtual Beer, Wine, Or Coffee?! Welcome to the 2020's

by Mandy McArthur April 07, 2021

Virtual Beer, Wine, Or Coffee?!  Welcome to the 2020's

Welcome to the new world of Virtual Tasting Tours!

What tour to choose for your next event!?

Virtual Beer Tastings

If you are a beer lover, this is the tour for you! Our Virtual Brewery Tour takes you and your group on the road to beer heaven! The entire group will be sent 4 different styles of beer to try where you learn about the history, how to pour, what to pair each style with and get a behind the scenes tour from one of the best breweries in Vancouver, BC: Andina Brewing.

2 types of tastings:

  • Tasting 1: Deliver 4 types of beer to each individual's homes and go through the tastings process.
  • Tasting 2: Deliver 4 types of beer and a cheese pairing that goes with each beer.

This tour is perfect for holiday parties, night in with friends and family or even just a casual brewery hang to learn more about the industry. 


Virtual Wine Tasting

This is for the wine connoisseur out there! Learn more about the grapes that go into your wine and what pairs best. Depending on your city, you will receive 3 half bottles of a red, white and rose wine, or 2 full bottles of red and white.

2 types of tastings:

  • Tasting 1: Wine delivery to each individuals homes, tastings of all three (or two) styles of wine.
  • Tasting 2: Wine pairing tastings with tasting platter. 

This tour allows your group to learn more about the wine history and why styles can be so different. With our cheese pairing option, we will take you through what types of cheese go well with each wine and why. 

If you are a wine enthusiast or just LOVE wine, this is the tour for you. Enjoy this tour for work events, night in, or social gatherings with family and friends!

backyard vineyards


Virtual Coffee Tasting

Where are my coffee snobs at!? Our host Tom, aka Vancouver Coffee Snob, runs Canada's largest coffee blog and is a staple in the coffee community for public speaking events and presentations. In 2019 and 2020 he was the MC of every major coffee event in Vancouver. He runs a sellout monthly coffee education event called "Pinkies Out Coffee Club" and has appeared on CityTV, CBC, News1130 and several other media outlets as a coffee expert. 

3 Types of Tastings:

  • Tasting 1: Perfect for people who REALLY want to nerd out about coffee and make it educational. There will be three unique black coffees. Each one will have vastly different tastes to them.
  • Tasting 2: Perfect for people who like a variation of coffee. Drinks are: Brewed Coffee, Iced Oatmilk Latte and Blue Almond Milk London Fog.

Tasting 3: Perfect for people who like to build their own drinks/get hands on. We'll talk about the base cold brew coffee we're using - where it's from, what the tasting notes are and we'll all sample it together. Then we'll mix the three alt-milks.

If your group is as interested in coffee as Tom is, this is the tour for you. One of the best options for the new year where you can host this during work hours as a team building event, or early morning meeting with friends and family!

Coffee Virtual Tour

Mandy McArthur
Mandy McArthur


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