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Amsterdam Brewhouse

Amsterdam Brewhouse


Whoop whoop! Get ready to party on Toronto's waterfront with the one and only Amsterdam Brewhouse! These beer-slinging legends have been around since the 80's, daring to brew the boldest and strongest beers when all others were content with the same old lagers. And boy, has it paid off! With 3 locations and 10 flagship beers on tap, there's a brew for everyone's taste buds at Amsterdam. From crisp lagers to fruity sours, you're in for a treat. And the best part? They've got a food menu that's just as drool-worthy as their drinks menu. Don't miss their Pretzel with beer-infused mustard and malt reduction dip - it's the stuff of legends! If you want a craft beer experience that's worth telling all your friends about, Amsterdam Brewhouse is the place to be.


Explore our  top beer picks at Amsterdam Brewhouse. Try their:

  1. Downtown Brown Ale (5%) - A British-style brown ale with rich flavours of brown sugar, toffee, and tea.
  2. Boneshaker IPA (7.1%) - An 80 IBU IPA with bold citrus and pine notes that pack a punch.
  3. 3 Speed Lager (4.2%) - A refreshing lager with light bread notes and a crisp finish, perfect for a casual drink. Enjoy the best of Amsterdam's craft beer scene." 

Getting There:

Amsterdam Brewhouse can be found at 245 QUEENS QUAY WEST BY THE LAKE, phone number: (416) 504-1020.

Getting there: Limited parking options, we suggest using TTC, cycling, or walking. Only a 16-minute walk from Union Station.


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