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Barley Mill Brew Pub

Barley Mill Brew Pub

Barley Mill Brew Pub Location 

Penticton has emerged as a leader in the Okanagan craft beer scene for a long time now, and it hosts some of the oldest and some of the newest breweries in BC. In addition to the amazing craft beer scene, breweries in this region have taken advantage of the fabulous beaches, river channels and amazing scenery that attracts thousands of visitors. Not new to the Penticton BC beer trail is the Barley Mill Brew Pub, at 2460 Skaha Lake Rd, Penticton, BC, which ignited the beer scene in the region close to two decades ago. Although newer breweries have helped to add a fresh air of innovation and a new energy to the industry, Barley Mill still holds an important place in the local community and the craft beer scene, having won thousands of awards and commendations.

Barley Mill Brew Pub History 

The Barley Mill opened its doors back in 1982 as a local neighborhood pub; however, it was not until 1997 that Barley Mill started producing its own craft beer at the height of the microbrewery trend.  Unlike breweries that have since closed, Barley Mill still produces 5 year round brews and one or two seasonals that are offered regularly on tap. The most famous brew in the pub is the Mustang Pale Ale, which was named after the founding owner’s love for all equestrian things.  

Barley Mill Brew Pub Beers

Some of the other offerings available include the Caballero Mexican lager, which is created in the tradition and style of Mexican beer, the Classic Draft Lager, which is an all grain North American style beer, the Nite Mare brown ale made in the tradition of the classic English brown ale, the Cayuse Wheat Ale, which is straw-colored and lovely, as well as the seasonal ale, which is created with the finest ingredients and distinctive styles that can represent the seasons of the Okanagan Valley.

Brew Pub Atmosphere 

The Barley Mill is unlike most microbreweries in the area because it is a full-service center; it has a pub that has cheerful servers, a restaurant that serves homemade quality meals, as well as entertainment including live bands, TV screens for sports, darts, billiards and a range of other equipment that can be used for entertainment.  The pub, where most of the Barley Mill brews are enjoyed has a decor tribute to notable sports legends, with paraphernalia belonging to athletes and rodeo stars from Penticton posted and distributed all over the walls. In the real sense, this scenario is what you would expect from a brewpub that has been in business for as long as it has.