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Big Ridge Brewing

Big Ridge Brewing

Big Ridge Location

Big Ridge Brewing in Surrey is a great place to go when you are looking for a good time!  Located at 5580 152nd Street, the Big Ridge Brewing Company is Surrey’s original brewery and it has been serving customers and the community since 1999 when the beer scene was fresh and new in BC. The Big Ridge Brewing Company was formed as part of the Mark James Group, which owns a number of craft brewery restaurants in the region.  The finest selection of lagers and ales, as well as a list of specialty and seasonal beers is the main draw. The Big Ridge Brewing Company has a broad selection of drinks to choose from and the menu offers an array of well-prepared meals and wok-prepared dishes that are made with the freshest local ingredients. 

What makes Big Ridge special? 

It is still, unfortunately, not that common to come across women involved in the hands-on brewing process, which is why Big Ridge breweries is one of the most unique breweries. The head brewer, Ashley Brooks, has years of experience, enthusiasm, and passion for the craft, which has helped to consolidate Bid Ridge’s reputation today in the craft beer industry.  The beer service in Big Ridge is a full draught service offering draught pints and sleeves.

Unlike other microbreweries, Big Ridge does not sell its products in bottles in various other beer and wine stores or through provincial liquor distribution stores. This means that you cannot get a Big Ridge beer anywhere else aside from the brewery’s tasting room because production is done entirely on site. For those that need refills or to grab a beer on the go, the brewery has a 3200 square foot beer and wine store located at  103 15250 Highway 10. The store offers a selection of craft beers and wines from all parts of the world including those that are made in BC.  The atmosphere at the brewery is friendly and can accommodate kids and young teens.

Big Ridge Craft Beer

Last year, the brewery was named as a winner in the Vancouver Craft Beer International Awards for the Big Ridge 152 Lager, which was nominated in the Light Standard Lager Category. The 152 Lager has a subtle hint of cotton candy flavor, as well as subtle fruit flavors.  All the beers from Big Ridge are made with the most basic ingredients; water, yeast, malted barley, and hops.  The company does not pasteurize their beer or use any artificial modifiers, meaning that you enjoy a healthy and safe beverage.