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Central City Brewers & Distillers

Central City Brewers & Distillers 

Central City Growth 

Surrey is one of the fastest growing suburbs in Canada and is looking to make a mark in the BC craft beer industry. Central City was founded in 2003 with the vision and mission of becoming the leading craft brewer and distiller in all of Canada. Central City started as a small operation in downtown Surrey as a brewpub. However, as the craft beer scene became more prevalent in local neighborhoods and communities, Central City owners saw the potential at hand which led to the creation of the first beer, the Red Racer Craft beer. Central City prides itself in honoring years of tradition of the craft, which is why they only select the best ingredients for its beverages. Aside from producing craft beer, Central City also owns a distillery that produces a wide range of spirits such as whiskey and gin.

Recently, the brewery participated in an expansion project that saw the completion of a large 65,000 square foot facility situated in Surrey. The space, which is large enough, can allow the brewery to drive further expansion into newer BC markets. The new building worked to improve operations at the brewery by supplying more production space that can accommodate both the distillery and the brewery, as well as improve previous working conditions that have seen reduced energy waste, which has improved the industry standard for most breweries.

So far, the Red Racer line of beers has become synonymous with Central City and is available far and wide across different states.  Today, the 50 hectolitre brewhouse, which is also contained in the 65,000 square foot facility has the capacity to produce an estimated 2 million six-packs of Red Racer beers. In the years to come, the number is expected to rise higher than 5 million as Central City widens its reach.  

Central City Beers 

The Central City brewery is so efficient that it can impressively produce and package about 10,800 cans, 50 kegs and 14, 400 bottles per hour. The packaging line in the facility gives the Central City Brewery the opportunity for further growth in the years to come.  Under the able and watchful eyes of Brewmaster Gary Lohin, the Central City brewery is also known for Beer League, which is a traditional, easy to drink craft lager as well as a selection of  limited and seasonal releases that include Pia Cassis Sour Ale, a Belgian style ale with black currants, Thor’s Hammer, which is full of flavor, Sour No. 3, a traditionally produced Belgian Framboise and Peared up Saison made with Jarrylo hops and juice from real pears, and much more.