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St. Hubertus Winery

St. Hubertus Winery 

St. Hubertus History 

The St. Hubertus Vineyards are some of the oldest in the Okanagan.  They were planted in 1928 by the Gebert brothers who had recently emigrated from Switzerland.  For the last 87 years, the vines have been grown using sustainable farming practices, which is becoming more and more common in BC wineries. 

In 2003 the family faced a challenge when wildfires burned parts of the farm and the winery to the ground.  They rebuilt and now their 76 acres of beautiful vineyards produce 14000 cases of wine annually that are bottled on site.  

St. Hubertus Wines 

In early 2016 Wade Stark, a native of Guelph, Ontario, was brought on board as lead winemaker and has already started making some pretty amazing wines.  

Here are some of the 2016's:

Pinot Blanc 2016. Delivers lots of fruit, with aromas and flavours of apples and a crisp finish. 

Chasselas 2016. One of the only wineries in BC to grow this varietal, it has aromas and flavours of peach and apple, with a refreshing finish.  Perfect for summer. 

Riesling 2016. With lemon-lime flavors, this juicy wine is dry for a Riesling but has a lingering sweetness. 

Pinot Noir 2016. Silkiness with aromas of cherry and strawberry.