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Virtual Whiskey Tasting

This 60-75 minute virtual whiskey tasting will lead you through a flight of 5 top rated whiskies in Canada. 

This virtual tasting includes hosting from one of our top Canadian guides. During the event you will learn how whiskey is produced, how to properly taste whiskey, the history of whiskey and the experience will finish up with some whiskey trivia. 

Pricing starts at $120 per person (Plus shipping, taxes and gratuity)

Who Can Join The Virtual Whisky Tasting Event?

This event is perfect for groups of 10 - 200+ spread across the country and looking to add something special to their virtual meeting, group event, virtual conference, client event, or corporate event.

How Does the Registration Work?

Group organizers can sign up members in bulk and each participant receives a whisky tasting kit.  Please start the process 4 weeks prior to your event.  Lead time across Canada is 2-3 weeks, faster when sending multiple tasting packages in bulk to one address. 

Guests can register from all provinces.  Perfect for cross-country meetings or client events.  Yes, guests can receive the kits from all across the Country. 

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