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Virtual Wine Tasting

Hosted Wine Tasting Events in Canada

Join us for a virtual wine tasting hosted by an expert wine guide and featuring your local wineries and artisan cheese.  Learn about the wines and pairing, wine history and trivia, and get an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of a craft winery. Our unique wine events include: 

  • Curated wine box delivered right to your door (2-3 bottles or 10 wine sampler)
  • The history of winemaking and regions across North America
  • Behind the scenes tour to see the winemaking process
  • Wine tasting tips and tickets as well as wine pairing advice
  • Wine trivia and games for your group
  • What's new in the wine world
  • Optional wine pairings 
  • Optional artisan chocolate add-ons

Standard Virtual Wine Tastings average at about 90 minutes of fun for your group.  Just like our in-person wine tours, we can tailor our tours depending on what you are looking for. Our wine tastings are perfect for team-building events, corporate parties, virtual birthday parties, or virtual happy hour. Our virtual tastings give you and your group the chance to relax, socialize, and learn something new.

Wine tastings are available across Canada with included delivery in Greater Vancouver, Calgary, and the Greater Toronto Area. Since there are so many variations, it's best to reach out to our friendly team and we'll arrange the perfect tour for your group. 


    Sample Virtual Happy Hour Itinerary

    Start times available Monday to Saturday 1pm, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm, 5pm (PST and EST) 

    • 5:00 pm: Introduction! Meet your wine experts and learn a little bit more about them. How to get set and organized for the tour to begin.
    • 5:05 pm: What are we drinking!? Crack open the first bottle of wine and get started! 
    • 5:10 pm: Overview of the local and international wine scene, here's a little history.
    • 5:25 pm: Wine style presentation.
    • 5:30 pm: Behind the scenes tour of an independent local winery and wine trivia.
    • 6:15 pm: Cork the last one, talk about it. Summerize and answer general questions. **We will divide into rooms with larger groups to answer questions**
    • 6:30 pm: Group can hang out for 30minutes to socialize.  To stay on a little longer we suggest letting us cast into your meeting link.

    Multiple Virtual Wine Tasting Options Available, please contact us for details.

    Please visit the bottom of our FAQ page for more information on the delivery process.

    To join a Virtual Wine Tasting you can also contact us at or call us at 778-320-3409 ex.2.

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