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50th Parallel Winery

50th Parallel Winery


Wine enthusiasts looking to enjoy award winning wines produced in the renowned Okanagan wine country in Canada are welcome to take part in our Kelowna wine tour that takes you through top vineyards in the area including the 50th Parallel. The winery is based at the heart of the Okanagan wine country, just a short distance from the Kelowna Intl Airport and a variety of other top attractions in the area. You can be sure of enjoying your time during the Kelowna wine tour exploring this top winery and the nearby attractions.


Taking the best Kelowna wine tour gives you the opportunity to sample top 50th Parallel wines and meet the staff responsible for the award-winning operation.




Formed under the passionate and resolute hands of Curtis Krouzel and Sheri-Lee Turner-Krouzel, the vineyard stands on 61 acres of land close to the nearby Lake Okanagan. Both have extensive knowledge to draw from when it comes to running successful operations; which is one of the main reasons why this winery has grown to such high standards. They combine deep knowledge of the wine making process and viniculture with creative marketing to make a successful wine making operation producing top quality wines and a loyal market. As you will find out during the Kelowna wine tours, the founders have been able to bring on board a team of highly passionate and skilled professionals to help in realising their vision.




Over the years, the 50th Parallel winery has grown to become one of the main players in the British Columbia wine scene. The success has come through a number of smart steps including establishing an expansive vineyard and recruiting top talents in the industry as stated above. In the near future, they winery will also have a dedicated events area as well as a restaurant where visitors can enjoy a world class dining experience during the Kelowna wine tours or other events held on the property.




Internationally acclaimed wine maker, Grant Stanley and his team are responsible for the crafting of the aromatic white wines and Pinot Noir. These are the award-winning wines from this winery, which have worked to raise its profile among other Kelowna wineries. You can sample their top quality wines, and follow their production process during our Kelowna wineries tour.


As you follow the Kelowna wineries map to the 50th Parallel, you will be able to be able to discover how modern architecture and specialized wine crafting knowledge combine to create a one of a kind experience. As one of the most modern facilities in the region, you will be highly impressed by the unique view on wine crafting employed by the winery and their friendly staff.