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BC Wine Regions

BC Wine Regions | BC Wineries

BC Wineries

Beautiful BC has more than just one or two main wine regions.  Most of the west coast has heard of the Okanagan Valley, but what about the Fraser Valley in and around Vancouver.   Over the past 20 years we have been growing vines on Vancouver Island and have more than just the one wine region.

Okanagan Valley

The Okanagan Valley is made up of over a few sub regions you'll want to consider visiting.  With over 200 wineries and about double that in growers supporting the wineries in grape production there is something here for everyone.

Kelowna, West Kelowna, Lake Country Wineries

This region makes up about 1/3 of BC's wine production.  The North Region is know for an amazing and fruit forward Pinot Gris, Risling, Gewurztraminer.   They also known for small batch production in Foch.

West Kelowna Wineries

You may very well have heard of Mission Hill, Quails gate & Mt Bucharie.  But have you heard of the off the beaten path wineries such as Off the Grid & Niche winery?  You may want to check out our West Kelowna Wine Tour.

Naramata, Okanagan Falls, Summerland Wineries

As we get farther south in this region we start to hotter days and a slightly longer season.  

Oliver & Osoyoos Wineries

With amazing sun and hours of sunlight in this region we can start to create flavours and tastes you can not achieve anywhere else.  This is our signature region for Merlot production and ultimate fruit forward Rislings, Gewurztraminer, and Pinot Gris.

Vancouver Island Wineries

Vancouver Island consists of over 20 wineries you'll be thrilled you visited.  The region is split into 3 main production regions.  The largest region by volume and wineries is the Cowichan Valley.  Just outside of Victoria we have the Saanich Peninsula.   The smallest of the regions is the North Island and Islands region.  While your on Vancouver Island you may also want to check out one of the half dozen cider houses or distilleries.

Cowichan Valley Wineries

Home to some unique grape varieties such as Ortega, and Cabernet Foch you'll want to find a Cowichan Valley Wine Tour from Victoria or Nanaimo so you don't need to drive.

The Cowichan Valley is spread out from about Mill bay through Duncan to just south of Nanaimo and includes award winning wineries such as Enrico, Unsworth, Blue Grouse, Cherry Point, & Rocky Creek.

Victoria & Saanich Peninsula Wineries

The farming area of the Saanich Peninsula is amazing for the production of everything from grapes, to fruit and grapes.  These wineries have found amazing niche that is unlike any other region across Canada.

You'll want to make a little time to check out DeVine, Symphony, & Church & State.  While your there you may want to check out Tod Creek Cider or Sea Cider.

North Island & Island Wineries

Just on the outskirts of the Cowichan Valley there is a bunch of wineries you'll want to venture out to.  Blue Moon & Saltspring just to name a few.

Langley, Vancouver, & Fraser Valley Wineries

This region is split into two regions.  Centrally around Vancouver we have about 10 wineries.  Two of which are located downtown Vancouver.

Vancouver Wine Region

Vancouver Urban Winery

Canada Berries

Lulu Island Winery

Country Vines

Pacific Breeze Winery

Isabella Winery

Langley Wineries | Fraser Valley Wineries

The Fraser Valley is one of the first wine regions in and around Vancouver.  These wineries generally makes wines from a combination of locally grown grapes and grapes grown in the Okanagan.   Read a more about each individual winery below:

Glass House


Township 7

Vista d'Oro


Wellbrook Winery