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Quails Gate

The Quails Gate Winery

 Quails Gate Winery

Visitors are coming to the Kelowna wineries due to the fact that this region has award winning wineries and winery restaurants.  The place has been attracting a lot of winemakers from the other wine regions of the world. These winemakers have decided to settle down in Kelowna and provide their expertise in enriching the wine culture of the region.  While the wine industry is advancing, the restaurant business also opens various opportunities for the top quality chefs.  One of the best examples of the Kelowna wineries with restaurants would be the Quail Gate Wineries.  It is an acclaimed producer of wine which was given numerous commendations and awards such as the award of the Vancouver Magazine last 2010.


Take the West Kelowna Wine Tour and See the Quail Gate Winery


The Quail Gate winery is where all the fresh ingredients meet in order to create the fresh aromatic dish that will be perfectly blended with some of the best local wines.  In the Kelowna Winery Tour, you will have the opportunity to visit the various wineries in Kelowna, but the Quail Gate would be the one that will capture your attention.  Incidentally, it should also be your first stop of the tour.


During your West Kelowna Wine tour, you will have the opportunity to taste test at least 4 types of wine manufactured by Quail Gate.  For those who are not aware on how to properly test wine, do not fret as the tour guide will teach you on how to taste test it.  After that, you will be directed to the restaurant which offers mouth-watering dishes that will satisfy your palate.  The winery was nestled in the breath taking scenery of the Lake Okanagan which will truly astound every visitor.


This winery had a long line of excellent winemakers such as Ashley Hooper, Peter Draper, and Jeff Martin.  Grant Stanley, another outstanding winemaker of the Quails Gate, has concentrated on the traditional wine making practice to create a unique wine that can be identified with the place.  He was then replaced by an equally incredible, Nikki Callaway.

During your guided tour, you will be met by the guide at your resort exactly at the given time.  They are mostly knowledgeable on the local wine industry and the surrounding area.  They will be telling the story with their sparkling personality, so you will never get bored about the Kelowna Winery Tour.  The drivers, wine enthusiast, and the guide have a delightful personality yet very professional, and they are comfortable to talk with.


For those who are looking for extra information about the West Kelowna Wine Tour or those who want to be simply amazed by the stunning scenery of Quails Gate, we encourage you to visit the official site of Canadian Craft Tours.  You may also reach us via phone or e-mail for further details.