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Lulu Island Winery

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Lulu Island Winery (Richmond)

The location of Lulu Island Winery in Richmond spells freshness and this when coupled with the intoxicating aroma of wine is definitely a tangible moment. The founder of this winery is Chinese and while that is not news in itself, what is most captivating about his heritage is that he has over the year as owner of Lulu Island Winery incorporated Chinese wine making techniques with western systems and equipment. This is no doubt the recipe that has seen him earn prestigious awards in the industry. The grapes that go into the production of wine by Lulu Island Winery are obtained from Fraser and Pristine Okanagan valleys.

Lulu Island Winery is the newest winery in the region of Richmond but this does not make it a novice in wine making. There is a rich history that surrounds the setting up and naming of the winery that visitors can look forward to. Other things to look forward to on a visit to Lulu Island Winery are;

Lulu Wine tasting

For this activity the winery has provided 6 spacious wine tasting rooms with country style designs. Wine tasting by the glass is the basic form of tasting that tour organizers provide for but if you would like to get more wine either to taste or carry, personal arrangements can be made. The more than 30 years’ experience of the Lulu Island Winery in the crafting of fine wines is today evident in the award winning varieties of red, white, ice and fruit wines all produced in Richmond.

LuLu Island

Lulu Winery tour

A tour of the winery includes spending time in the grape tunnel which can accommodate more than 300 people at a time. Visitors can also enjoy a BBQ experience in the picnic area of the winery. What better way to enjoy wine than with BBQ bites taken while enjoying the view of the rural landscape. The tour of the winery is marked by a visit to the vineyard, then to the processing plant where some of the signature wines from this winery are explained. A wine tasting tour is facilitated by a tour guide and lasts 90 minutes but due to the large number of people visiting the winery all the time, reservations are needed.

Lulu Island Tour

If you would like to organize a tour guided visit to the Lulu Island Winery, you can choose a package from the customized arrangements. 8 is the magic number for group visits because a minimum of 8 persons are required when booking birthday celebrations, company tours and pre-wedding night parties. You can even bring your kids along if you are willing to provide full care.

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