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Kelowna Wineries

Kelowna Wineries

Kelowna Wine Regions

Kelowna is home to some of BC's most famous wineries.   This wine region is split into 3 different sections.  While most of the wineries are spread out across west Kelowna and South Kelowna there is plenty of great wineries t to check out near and around Lake Country.

Lake Country Wineries

Home to some great names in wine such as Grey Monk and El Nihilo, Lake Country Wineries are a must visit.  Lake Country Wineries are just off a more northern part of Lake Okanagan while Wood Lake on their other side helps create the perfect moisture in the air and wind to keep the Lake Country Wineries growing amazing varieties.

Kelowna Wineries

Kelowna has about 20 wineries and all are within a 20 minute drive from Downtown Kelowna.  See about 3 per day and the wine region would take you about a week to see them all.  Some of the wineries here are Ceder Creek, Scorched Earth and Summerhill Pyramid Winery.

West Kelowna Wineries

We have almost 20 wineries for you here in West Kelowna.  Some of the bigger names here are Quails Gate and Mission Hill but make sure you check out some of the less knows wineries, they often are more of a unique experience.