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Rollingdale Winery

Rollingdale Winery

Rollingdale Winery is located in Lakeview Heights in West Kelowna, only 7 minutes from downtown. This 100% family owned and operated winery specializes in organic wines in a relaxing atmosphere.

Rollingdale is Organic!

They are one of only 2 certified organic wineries in the valley and they produce their fine wine by using only premium grapes made from the most consciously cultivated vines they can find. Their Wine Shop is open daily and is located right in their wine cellar.  It's a big deal to be organic, it takes a great deal of time effort and money.  Although many wineries say they are use certified organic practices it takes a big leap to be certified organic.  

Rollingdale Picnic area.

There is a picnic area available where you can pack a lunch and and enjoy Rollingdale wine by the glass. Its also a scenic place to host an event or a wedding! They offer tastings and tours of their wine cellar from a member of their incredibly knowledgeable staff. Ensure you try one of their phenomenal icewines!