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Summerhill Pyramid Winery

The Summerhill Pyramid Winery of Kelowna Wineries

 Summerhill Winery

Summerhill Pyramid Winery is situated on the eastern portion of the lake, and it is known for manufacturing ice and sparkling wines.  They are one of the organic producers that you will meet during your Kelowna Wine Tour.  Prepare to be amaze on the perfect copy of Pyramid of Cheops that truly astounds its many visitors.  This place is a regular venue of the local concerts during the summer.  Anyone can join the tour in the winery and in the pyramid.  You may also visit their shop that remains accessible to the public all year round.  You can enjoy drinking their aromatic wine at their veranda and be mystified by the sight of the Okanagan Lake.  They also serve dinner and lunch except on the month of January and the initial part of February.


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The Summerhill Pyramid Winery was launched during the year 1991 which makes them one of the oldest wineries in the Kelowna wineries map.  The original founder, Steven was an outstanding producer of sparkling wine which was then continued by his son.  They have the reputation of producing the best Cipes Brutes that clearly overshadowed some of their ice wines and table wines.  Nowadays, the wine offered by the wineries can be divided into four categories; ice wine, red wine, aromatic wine and sparkling wine.


The best-selling brand of the Summerhill Pyramid Winery would be the red wine, Baco Noir which generates a sale of one thousand cases annually.  They also produce a proliferation of single and specialty vineyard label which constitutes some of their premium offerings.  In a more recent period, the Kelowna wineries released their 2009 Zweigelt which are grown in the vineyard of Eidse Brothers.  Around 82 cases of craft wine that was aged in neutral oak was released.  This is a testament to their dedication and passion in wine making.


Their interests in crafting wines are not inconsequential.  In fact, it has more than 900 barrels stored in their cellar house.  They are currently looking for ways on how to change the direction and style of their red wine framework.  Their ability to take risk and creativity are some of the reason why they are considered as the pioneer of Kelowna wineries.

Those who are planning to take the Kelowna wine tour during the winter should still take their sweater with them.  Although you will have the cosy atmosphere when your table is beside the fireplace, there are times that the fireplace is not functioning so you need to still wear your winter jacket.  The ambience inside is perfect which is even amplified during the night as you can see the city lights while enjoying the glass of your sparkling wine.  The portions of the dishes are well arranged, and they taste delicious plus they are priced fairly.


Marvel on the Summerhill Pyramid Winery by joining the Kelowna wine tour offered by Canadian Craft Tours.  Call us right away and book for your reservation.

Summerhill Winery