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Sandhill Winery Tour

Sandhill Winery

Sandhill Winery

Kelowna is one of the cities in Canada known for the various attributes and promotion of the Canadian culture. Wines are common in the nation, and most tourists have been treated to tours to the Kelowna wineries to get a first-hand experience on how the wine is made. There has been a sudden rise in the interest of Kelowna wine tours in the country, and this has made the wineries gain popularity. There are so many different things that one gets to see during a Kelowna wine tour, and this also serves as a great learning experience.


Sandhill White Wines


During the Kelowna wine tour, you can visit the Sandhill winery, which is a small firm that uses traditional processes to make its wine. For the while wines, you will learn that they go through an entire cluster pressing process, which is aimed at ensuring the characteristics of the grape and its authentic nature is maintained, and the juice is removed quite fast. The process will not extract the phenolic from the skin of the grapes. The low pressing pressure is used in the wineries so as to retain the true flavour of the grapes. During the fermentation process and ageing of the wine, the original flavour from the vineyard is not interfered with.


Sandhill Red Wines


Visiting the Sandhill must be the best Kelowna wine tour since you get to learn so much in a short while. Making red wine is a process that is done using diverse techniques so that the flavour, aroma, and colour, from the grapes, are retained. The pressing process will ensure that the juice has direct contact with all the other parts of the fruit so as to ensure that only high-quality wine will be produced. Only the best grapes will go into the wine, which is something you will be able to learn during the Kelowna wine tour. There is a careful selection process of grapes that will end up in the red wine, which has its authentic flavour and colour, without any artificial additives.

Sandhill Winery

A good number of tourists have been opting to take the Kelowna wine tours through local your companies. This has become the new aspect of tourism and has promoted the rich culture of the Kelowna city. The good thing with the Kelowna wine tours is the fact they will offer other benefits like relaxing and dipping quality wine and you do not have to worry about the alcohol level that you take in. Kelowna is one of the best regions to for wine tours. When you take a Kelowna wine tour, you will have so much to learn about the history and the culture of making wine.