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Off the Grid

Off the Grid Winery

Off the Grid Organic Winery

When we say "Off the grid" we really do mean it.  This amazingly relaxing organic winery is probably going to be one of your favourite wineries of the Kelowna Wine trail.  The view alone will take your breath away.

With a mix of Pinot Gris, Gewurztraminer, Risling & Rose.  You'll probably love everything you taste here and possibly walk away with a case.

Off the Grid Organic Practices

It's challenging to be a organic farmer.  The reality is it costs a lot of time, energy and the all so important money to become certified organic.  Every country has different standards and it's not easy to advertise with an organic label unless you go above and beyond the requirements one might suspect.

The Farm at Off the Grid

Goats... Chickens and everything you'd need to survive "Off the Grid" is probably here.  Take a few minutes to pet the goats or get photos of the chickens, you'll be glad you did.

Off the Grid Farm