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Hatch Winery

Hatch Winery


It is pleasing to be walking on the hilly region of West Kelowna as you get the fascinating view of the great vineyards. West Kelowna wine tour is among the best tours you can book for to ensure that you enjoy a wide variety of wonderful activities in the wineries’ premises. Hatch is known to have some of the wonderful wine brands that are made from local malts and hops making them to have a special taste and aroma that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.


Activities that You Can Do on Tour


One of the packages of Kelowna Winery Tour is to take you around the vineyards and the general premises explaining all the wine varieties and how they are produced. You would be taken to the hectares of vineyards to make sure that you understand the ingredients that are normally being used in Wine production. It is also during this tour that you would be given the best orientation of the whole place to enable you understand the wine producing factory in detail.


Besides taking you through the vineyards and premises, there is a wine tasting room where people would be sipping different portions of wine to see which one is best. Testing comes with a fee $20 to avoid unserious people from coming to the premises. West Kelowna Wineries map normally shows you all the wine premises and factories that you can visit, but you need to ensure that you choose the best to learn more and enjoy a lot.


Enjoy to the Fullest


Kelowna wineries with restaurants are well pimped with luxurious utilities to make your tour one of a kind. You can have delicious meals in these restaurants while supplementing with the best wines to ensure that you have the best experience in Kelowna. Every restaurant has its own spacious guest rooms and other facilities to make you relax whenever you feel tired. If you are group of people of around ten or more, you can book early for your tour prior so that necessary arrangements are done.


During your tour, wine brands would always be cheap to favour those who are touring the place. You can buy wine gifts, and they would be wrapped to ensure that they appear unique. Kelowna wineries with restaurants display a kind and wonderful hospitality to make sure that you feel like a VIP everywhere you will step in the premises. The place remains closed during public holidays, so you need to choose your dates well to avoid getting disappointed.