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Langley Wineries

Langley Wineries | Fraser Valley Wineries


Langley Wineries – Vancouver to Fraser Valley Wineries

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British Columbia's Fraser Valley is a diverse and gorgeous region which has a great climate for dairy farming as well as for winemaking.  When most people refer to wine tasting in Vancouver they mainly focus on visiting the Fraser Valley wine region which is centralized around Langley BC. 

Located only 45-50 minutes by car from downtown Vancouver, these Langley wineries are the heart of the Fraser Valley wine region.  The Fraser Valley Wine region is also referred to as the Campbell Valley Wine Route.

As a relatively wetter and colder climate than most well known wine regions across North America the top grape varieties grown across the region are Pinot Gris, Bacchus, Pinot Noir, Riesling, and anything Foch (Marachel). 

Top Langley Wineries

  • Chaberton Estate Winery
  • Township 7 Vineyards and Winery
  • Backyard Vineyards
  • Glass House Estate Winery
  • Vista D'oro Farms & Winery
  • Cavallo Winery
  • Fraser Valley Cider (Cider, and awesome)

Top Vancouver Wineries (GVRD)

  • Blackwood Lane (Aldergrove)
  • Pacific Breeze Winery- Urban Winery (New Westminster)
  • Country Vines (Richmond)
  • Cavallo (Urban Winery 2021)
  • Lulu Island Winery (Richmond)
  • Vancouver Urban Winery (Vancouver)
  • The Cider house (Cider in Kitsilano) 
  • Vinoscenti Vineyards (Surrey)

Chaberton Winery

Chaberton is the oldest (First winery) winery of the Langley wineries.   Established in 1991 by a European wine maker who migrated to Canada, this winery might become one of your favourites to visit or tour.   Purchased by Anthony Cheng in 2005.

Chaberton Barrel Room

Township 7

Township 7 received it's name because it was the 7thfarm that was licensed in the township of Langley. Township 7 is a family owned and managed winery that is famous for its production of the small lots of handcrafted and award-winning wines made from some very carefully chosen grapes. The grapes are grown on property and also their sister winery in the Okanagan which lies approximately four hours north.  The full wine portfolio is a great mix of different types of wines and is sure to have something for everyone!

Township winery

Backyard Winery

Backyard Winery is often a fan favourite of the Langley wineries. Backyard is renowned for both theirNosey Neighbor White and Red wine bends. It is a nice place to visit with some great service and a really calm atmosphere and has a friendly, warm, and romantic setting. We dare you to not walk away with a few purchased bottles of the wonderful wines. Backyard Winery also has some really amazing charcuterie boards. A stop here can be approximately 60 to 70 minutes if you wish to order food, even longer if you wish to tour the property.  With over 10 acres of grapes grown on site as well as a full wine making facility there is lots to look at.

Backyard Winery | Fraser Valley Winery

Glass House Winery

Glass House is one of the newest wineries in the Fraser Valley Wine region.  Growing much of their own grapes they also bring in grapes from the Okanagan.  This is a world-class tasting room with a really elegant outdoor space  Always worth the visit and only 7-minute drive from Fraser Valley Cider, Backyard Winery and Chaberton Winery.

Vista D'Oro Winery

Unique farm-style winery about 5 minutes west of Chaberton Winery.  Vista does not only make great wine but has award-winning jams you can taste (Often free of charge or with a wine tasting).  Perfect for medium to large tours the winery has a nice porch style outdoor space.

Cavallo Winery

The newest addition to the Fraser Valley Wine route this home-style winery has wines at every price range.  The closest winery to town it's always worth a visit while on the way to the Fraser Valley Wineries or on the way home.  Try wines ranging from $20 to $250 per bottle.

Blackwood Lane

The farther your venture into the Fraser Valley the better your day becomes.  This award winning winery is always woth the venture.  Great wines and great people.

Fraser Valley Cider

Every wine route needs a Cider House and this is our favorite.  Fraser Valley cider has a great team of people in their tasting room there to show you how fantastic cider can be.  If putting together a tour with Canadian Craft Tours it's worth swapping out a winery for Fraser Valley Cider.  Everyone loves it.