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Back Yard Front door

Back Yard Winery (Langley)

Quite literary, the Back Yard Winery in Langley gets its name from the position of the vineyards in relation to the winery. Just under an hour’s drive from Vancouver, visitors are welcomed by the laid back atmosphere as suggested in the name. The bulk of the fruit used in the winery is obtained from these in-house vines then complemented with others obtained from South Okanagan and Fraser Valley. The Backyard Vineyards promote fun while at the same time providing quality wine for customers. Most people would now rather have a Langley bachelorette party than a bar experience. A tour of this winery involves the following;

Wines for all seasons at Backyard

If you have an event or occasion coming up, a bottle of wine from Backyard Vineyards is the much need statement for any meal. Since 2009 when the winery started operations, they have been producing wines for both local and international markets.  The high quality of the wines has earned them numerous medals and awards. The most notable feature of these wines is the affordable price which means that customers and wine lovers do not need to save a lot for a bottle of wine. You do not even need a reason for having wine because having wine made from the backyard vineyard is the neighborly and natural thing to do.

Expertise in wine making

Good wine is a result of good grapes, excellent brewing and proper aging. Long after the back yard winery was opened in 2009; it had operated since 2002 under the name of Glenugie Vineyards. The winery because notable in 2013 upon the hiring of James Cambridge who is a seasoned winemaker, and since then the quality of wines that came from this place have been worth a mention.

Wine room at BAck Yard

Wine touring and tasting at Backyard

There is so much to learn about wine; the techniques used to prepare and ferment fruit as well the processes involved in maturing the batches. The wine tasting room is an ideal venue for a large group of people and provides mingling space for about 50 people. Here, guests are treated to an outdoor eating experience against the vineyards. A 1882 bells sits in the backyard and its rings once renowned for start of meal time, is an indicator that guests need more wine.

Back Yard tasting room

Whatever idea of fun you have in your mind that can be hosted in an outdoor setting, is at home at the backyard winery grounds. From 2 people intimate wine tasting experiences to corporate wine tours, everybody gets something to take away from this experience.

Back Yard Wine Tour with Canadian Craft