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Vista d'Oro Winery

Vista d'Oro

Tasting at Vista d'Oro

Vista d’Oro is a perfect place to escape from town and explore a natural and environmental friendly farm own by Lee and Patrick. Only 45min out of south Vancouver at Campbell Valley Park in the Fraser valley.

Winery's History

This place started in 2001 as a greenhouse and typically began growing fruits and selling at the famers market. It turns out they shift into the jam business as this is a more sustainable model than selling fresh fruit. 

If you are looking to a culinary agritourism experience, this is the perfect spot. The farm is growing heritage orchard fruits, heirloom tomatoes and grapes on a 10 acres land.

Lee has a culinary diploma, she is now a Jam Master. On the other hand, Patrick has always been growing grapes, but it was time to turn a hobby into a full time business, they receive the winery licence in 2008. They are currently only distributing in British Columbia. 

Tasting Room & Events

The farm has lots of place on site for outside lunch and tasting either wine or Jam. Their Farmgate Market & Tasting room is open for you and you'll have the chance to try all of their creations such as wines, preserves and picnics plus some local treats (Cheese & terra bread crisps). They are also part of events at wine festivals and food festivals.  

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