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Mission Hill Winery

Mission Hill - Iconic BC Winery

Mission Hill

Mission Hill, started by Anthony Von Mandl.  Anthony was born in BC and returned to study Economics at UBC.  After a well deserved degree he soon realized that his love was more for wine and food.  Seeing the beauty and oppertunity in the Okanagan, Anthony put down the first roots of the Mission Hill winery in West Kelowna.

As you enter the compound it starts to feel like a European castle.  Find tour parking and then head for the grounds.

Mission Hill Tours


The grounds of this winery are memories that are not soon forgotten.  Weather you are going for a wonder, lunch over the water, live music in the auditorium or heading in for a tasting there are memories to made here.

Snap a few photos over the water, although the stunning beauty will not be soon forgotten.  Notice the rose bushes at the base of each row of vines.  Ask your tour guide why the roses are planted there.


As you walk through you see that no expense was missed along the building of this wine room, tasting room and tour hall.  Here you can stroll and learn about the wineries history and accomplishments.

Mission Hill Wine Tour

Live Music at Mission Hill

When you match the stunning beauty of this property with a little live music you'll want to sit and relax a while.  The courtyard is set up to amplify echoes perfectly.  You'll want to stay all day.

Mission Hill View