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Enrico Winery | Cowichan Valley Winery

Enrico Winery

 Enrico Winery | Cowichan Valley Winery

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Enrico is simply one of our favorite wineries to tour at Canadian Craft.  The staff here makes the visit amazing and the wines are 2nd to none.  We have a venue for anything mother nature can throw at us.  

Please let us know at the time of booking when you are celebrating a special event if you would like to Sabre a bottle.

Enrico Saber

That first distinct whiff of wine as you are lifting your glass to your lips is one of the most telling and memorable moments according to some wine connoisseurs. Match your first smell of the wine with an unbeatable scene to gaze upon and you have come to Enrico Winery…beauty…elegance…and a fine glass of delicious wine should all be thoughts that cross your mind when you hear the name Enrico Winery. Come for the beautiful landscapes and stay for a delicious wine tasting. The wines at Enrico Winery are award winning and there is flavor for everyone, whether you enjoy sipping a fine Pinot Noir, Cabernet Libre or even a spectacular Oretga, the wines at Enrico Winery are delectable.

Enrico Winery Fountain

The vineyard is located on a 50 acre property located in Cowichan Valley just 45 minutes north of Victoria, BC, Canada, which may be why their wines are given the nickname as Cowichan wine. The vineyard was purchased back in 2000, and the Enrico Winery was completed for the first grape harvest in 2009. This means folks have been enjoying the fine wines at Enrico Winery for over eight years now. The vineyard has spectacular and breathtaking views that are sure to leave you in awe.

Enrico Winery Hours of Operation

You can visit the winery and stop in the wine tasting room daily from 10 am until 5 pm (except for Christmas Day) and enjoy sipping some of the wines made from our vineyard while tasting some delicious locally made cheese. Don’t worry for those of you who may not be able to make it to the winery during our set times you can experience the same fine wines in the Victoria wine tour.

When you go to a wine tasting there is so much more that goes into the tasting session than just wine and snacks, the entire atmosphere must be in perfect harmony with the wine and snacks as well as the personalities of the vineyard, winery and customers coming to visit. At the Enrico Winery you will experience a beautiful atmosphere that is warm, inviting, beautiful and serene, giving you the opportunity for the perfect most memorable wine tasting experience possible.

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