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Isabella Winery

Isabella Winery

Isabella Winery is situated in Richmond, which is a town in Fraser Valley, the wine producing area of British Colombia. Isabella Winery produces a range of high-quality table, ice and fruit wines under the wineries labels Isabella and Little Beavers. Among the wines generated by the winery include ice wines of Zweigelt, Cab-Merlot blends, Pinot Gris, cranberry wines, Riesling and Pinot Noir. So far, even though the winery distributes their wine all over Canada, it only ships internationally to China.

Canada has become quite famous for its production of ice wine. Although the ice wine trend was initially started in Germany, Canada has become one of the leading producers of ice wine in the world. Isabella Winery works on the generalization and brewing of ice wine. The end product is a high-quality beverage that is created with rigorous and stringent standards. The grapes used to produce the ice wines are received from Isabella Winery’s land in Okanagan, British Columbia. Since the winery grows its own grapes, it takes care to cultivate the finest crop of grapes each year that is then utilized for the production of the world famous Isabella ice wines.

Isabella Winery’s main building is made entirely out of logs, which makes visitors feel as though they have traveled back in time. The winery allows visitors and tourists to taste their beverages in the tasting room, which houses all the products made by the winery.  The winery is ideal for people looking to learn how ice wines are made and for individuals that have a deep appreciation for wineries and their operations. As such surrey bachelorette parties, tourists, wine lovers, and locals are welcome to take a tour of the facility while sampling the wines that the winery has to offer.

Red wine lovers will undoubtedly appreciate the velvety cabernets that give off flavors of dark ripe fruits and hints of spices. If you love fruit wine, you will also enjoy the peppery notes produced by their range of fruit wines. Isabella produces fruit wine from blueberries, raspberries, cranberries and cherries. The winery’s classic chardonnay is excellent for pairing with white meat, and it is perfect for relaxing on those sunny days that are characteristic of Vancouver. If you are more interested in tropical aromas and peach flavors, a bottle of Isabella winery’s Riesling is ideal for desserts and for entertaining company.  Lastly, before you finish your tour at the winery, pick up a bottle of Cabernet Merlot, which is characterized by intense flavors of currant and cherry and it is perfect for pairing with steaks or any red meat.