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Wellbrook Winery

Wellbrook Winery

Wellbrook Winery

Wellbrook Winery was opened in Delta in June 2004 by Terry Bremner, who is popularly associated with Bremner foods. If you are from Canada or its environs, you may have heard of Bremner foods before as one of the leading producers of farm produce.  The Winery has a historic feel as the wine shop was once an old grainery that has been restored.  The grainery is surrounded by old wooden beams and antique fixtures and furniture. Throughout the farm, old equipment such as old tractors can be seen, which helps to give the winery a turn of the century tone. The ambiance of the old grainery and the high-quality wines produced will transform your tour into an unforgettable experience.

At the old grainery, visitors can enjoy the winery’s unique selection of dessert and table wines. The winery is open throughout the week and is open for all types of visitors and tourists from wine enthusiasts to Langley Bachelorette party.  Wellbrook is mostly known for its fruit and dessert wines although occasionally, you might find a selection of Bremner’s food items at the wine shop.

The winery offers an exceptional selection of fruit wines that celebrate the heritage of the local agricultural community. Coming from a long history of farming tradition, Terry Bremner, the proprietor of the winery makes every effort possible to support local farmers and source for locally produced fruits.

Two of the winery’s signature beverages are blueberry and cranberry wines that are produced from Bremner’s farms in Fort Langley and Delta. The white apple wine is particularly popular with visitors owing to its crisp tartness that comes from the white cranberry.  The apple wine is best served chilled, and it can be paired with white meat or various vegetarian meals.  The winery also offers rose wine that has notes of pepper and orange.

Wellbrook Winery also has a large selection of fortified wines. Fortified wine is, of course, any wine to which a distilled spirit such as brandy is added during the process of fermentation. The list of fortified wines available in the winery includes cranberry, blueberry and raspberry fortified wine.  

Wellbrook Winery is also famous for its cooking classes. The winery hosts classes with outstanding chefs from the BC area.  The winery is a social hub of activities as it plays host to a range of festivals, wine tours, and culinary events.  Although there are quite a number of wineries in the Fraser Valley, not many have the charm possessed by Wellbrook Winery.