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Tod Creek Cider | Victoria Cider House

Tod Creek Cider House

 Tod Creek Cider house tour

Vancouver Island has a fantastic climate for growing apples and is helping fuel to the cider industry.  Winery, distillery, and breweries are flourishing because of the amazing farm climate. There is so much that is promoting the Victoria cidery industry.


The Tod Creek Cider is owned by Chris Schmidt, a professional cider maker, with hard farm near Prospect Lake. A tour of the farm will give you so much information about the Victoria cider among other essential things. Tod Creek Craft Cider produces its ciders in small quantities using handcrafted cider and BC apples. All the apples are sourced from Vancouver and from the local farmers, in the larger BC area.


Best Ciders


Visiting the cidery on a tour would be a great opportunity to be able to learn about the various types of ciders. The store offers the following ciders:

  • Banfield Bound is an off-dry craft cider that has some maple syrup to get rid of the dry edge. This is one of the ciders that you will come across during the Victoria wine tour.
  • Tod cider is craft cider that is in a can. This Victoria cider is made from 100% juice, which is fermented. In addition, apple juice is added so as to back-sweeten it. The apple juice will also be used as an off-dry flavour.
  • Mala Hop is triple hopped Victoria cider. If you are the type of people who love hops, then this will be the right choice from the cider house. All the hops are grown organically in Lilloette.
  • Coastal Blue is made from blueberry juice, which is added to the craft cider so as to give it the West-Coast taste.
  • Prospect Dry is a traditional cider, which is dry to a large extent but lightly soaked with tannins from the bittersweet apples.
  • Finally, Breakwater vanilla is the other type of cider made from this Victoria cidery.
  • The Victoria wine tour will allow you to appreciate the process it ciders go through, before being ready for consumption.


Discover Why Tod Creek Ciders are amazing

The ciders are made using apples, which will be grinded in small batches. This will help in finding the rotten apples. The Victoria wine tour will show you how all the ciders are made, without using any harmful pesticides. This is what makes Tod Greek Cider to look for the appealing ones.

 Tod Creek Cider

There are so many reasons why people craft a cider. You must have established, by now, that the Ciders are made from natural juice, without adding any artificial sugars. The other secret is by having a long fermentation time, which will ensure that crafted cider is tasty.


The general world is changing, and as such, you will find something in the Victoria cider house. When you take the next tour, you will not find it. The crafted ciders are becoming quite popular. Tod Creek Craft is a member of the cider association.