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The Church and State Winery is located just 25 kilometres from Victoria. Set in the beautiful Brentwood Bay just minutes away from Butchart Gardens, Church and State Victoria is one of the most prolific wineries in the Saanich Peninsula. Visitors here can expect to sample a variety of award winning wines as well as unique creations made with fresh local ingredients from the bistro during the peak season. The winery in Victoria produces sparkling wines made from local grapes as well as stocking premium wines sourced from the group’s other location in the Okanagan Valley.

Church and State Winery

Church and State History

Church and State wines was founded in 2004 by entrepreneur Kim Pullan who began by purchasing the defunct Victoria Estate Winery set on 25 acres in the Saanich Peninsula. The winery was soon shut down for major renovations to convert the old facility into a modern space with rustic elements that would allow visitors to enjoy the day sampling wines and having meals in beautiful grounds. Since its renovation, the winery has become the go-to place for many tourists looking to wile the day away relaxing in peaceful and beautiful surroundings. A popular wedding venue, the Victoria winery hosts at least 60 weddings a year, in addition to numerous tastings and wine tours throughout the year.

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Church and State Wines and Wine Tasting

Church and State Wines Victoria is famous for its world-class wines delivered through its Signature and Lost Inhibitions series showcasing the workmanship, creativity and willingness to push the boundaries of the winemaking teams. The signature series includes the Cabernet Merlot, Chardonnays, Syrah, Pinot Noir, Trebella and other award-winning reds and whites. The Lost Inhibitions Series includes Red, White and Rose Wines. Church and State’s wines have won numerous awards, including the award for Canada’s best red for over six years.

A wine tour to Church and State wines is among the best things to do in Victoria and its surroundings. All tastings are conducted in the winery’s state of the art building and you can enjoy your glass of wine in the Bistro, on the tables set up outside or inside the tasting room. You can taste up to four wines and enjoy them on their own or paired with meals or platters from the bistro. Wines are also available for purchase in the winery’s store.

Church and State Wines is a premier Victoria Winery that anyone who gets the opportunity to should visit.

Church and State Sign