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Unsworth Winery

Unsworth winery Bachelorette

Unsworth Winery

When Tim and Colleen Turyk have a vision they truly follow through, it is because of this determination and dedication that the Unsworth Vineyard was born. The Turyk Family has been in the Cowichan Valley for a long time so when Tim heard about a small vineyard located only about 45 minutes north of Victoria, BC that was being put up for sale in the fall of 2009 he put serious consideration into purchasing it. It didn’t take long for Tim and Colleen to agree that the small vineyard needed to be part of their family. They decided to give the vineyard the name Unsworth after Marjorie’s maiden name. The small family owned and run vineyard has love put into each and every bottle they produce, with the help of leading edge equipment, the family takes every stage of the winemaking process and puts dedication and love into each of those steps…in turn creating taste bud tingling wine.

Unsworth Vineyard Tour

The breathtaking view is a wonderful backdrop to your wine tasting or dining experience in the on location restaurant. Sit back and let the professional staff meet your needs and help bring you a memorable experience. The Unsworth Winery is also proud to announce they are a part of Victoria Wine Tour this year. However, if you can’t make it to taste their delicious wines on the tour you can always stop by the winery and vineyard during their regular business hours, which are 11 in the morning until five in the evening year round.

If you are looking for a place to stop and take some beautiful wedding photos, the Unsworth Winery would be a fantastic option. Your gorgeous wedding attire will be perfect among the natural landscape to help create stunning photos you will enjoy for years to come. While the winery doesn’t offer wedding packages they do offer a selection of wedding wine packages to choose from, so while you won’t be able to enjoy the winery for your wedding venue you will still be able to enjoy the delicious wines made by the winery. There are four main packages, the Garden Party, Traditions Package, A Toast to the Bride Package or the Grand Affair package, giving lots of options to help bring fabulous wine to all your wedding guests.

Read more about Unsworth and the Cowichan Valley on our blog here.

Park Golf At Unsworth

For the guys who are new to the wine game this winery is your must stop.  Tim's tribute to the guests is a "Park golf course" which has 9 holes and takes about 20 minutes.  Think of mini-golf but a bigger ball and wooden big Bertha putter.  It's perfect for a glass of wine in hand and a slight buzz.  *Warning - Our guide team probably holds the low score so you may want to practice more than one round.  Just buy a bottle and start playing...

Unsworth Wine Tour