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Boundary Brewing Co.

Boundary Brewing

Boundary Brewing Co. Kelowna

Brewery Address: 2, 455 Neave Ct, Kelowna, BC V1V 2M2

If you’re on the BC Ale trail, planning a visit to Kelowna, or a local resident, you’ve got to check out the youngest brewery in the area, Boundary Brewing Co.. It's the only wooden kettle brewery in Canada!

Boundary's History  

Opened in 2017 by Oliver Glasser with the help of his rugby team, The Kelowna Crows, Boundary Brewing has been quick about starting to pump out some delicious beers.  Their cozy and intimate tasting room has 8 beers on tap which usually include a selection of German beers (an ode to Oliver’s heritage), and some fresh and exciting seasonals. 

Boundary's Craft Beers 

Most of the beers available on tap are Malt forward yet balanced. The regular appearances on tap include the Altbier, Dunkelweizenbier, KRC Crows Kolsch, the Jewel Creek Pilsner, and the Weizen. Boundary Brewing also has seasonal brews such as the Lil’ Tart Orchardweisse, Roggenbier, Double Baltic Porter, Gos-eh, Spruce Tip Ale, Juniper Gruit, as well as the Vienna Lager.

Apart from sampling the goods in the tasting room, beers from Boundary Brewing are also available in various locations in the Kootenays and some spots in Okanagan.

While your there for a beer, ask if you can take a look and hangout on the back patio.  The view is awesome and a great place to take in a summer day in Kelowna.  Although we are not sure if beer is aloud on the patio it's worth an ask and worth checking out or trying some BBQ.