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Cannery Brewing

The Cannery Brewing

Cannery Brewing is situated amidst the spectacular Penticton, British Columbia scenery.  This microbrewery has been a major part of the BC brewing scene since it was opened in 2011 when the craft beer scene had not become quite as trendy as it is now. In many ways, you can say that Cannery Brewing is one of those breweries that paved the way for other successful micro and nano breweries in Okanagan to come up.  When the brewery opened its gates in 2011, they established their brewery in the old vegetable and Aylmer fruit cannery, which is where the brewery acquired its name from.

The old Cannery

While the old cannery was the perfect location to establish a first-time brewery, over the years, as the demand for the craft beer grew, Cannery Brewing was forced to shift locations.  The old space was far too small to accommodate the demand for Cannery’s beer and it was marred by physical issues such as low ceilings that made it impossible to expand or add more tanks. 

Brewery owner Patt Dyck, therefore, opted to invest in a downtown location that is within a walking distance from the beach.  Regardless of the change in location, one thing has remained clear in over the 15 years that Cannery has remained operational; that the fermenters will still produce high-quality craft beer.

Cannery Craft Beers

The lagers and fine ales produced from the Cannery Brewery still have intense and complex flavors and balance.  The flavors, which cannot be replicated anywhere else, are a result of the amazing combinations of high-quality grains and high-grade Pacific Northwest hops.  All the brews produced are still all natural, without any pasteurization or preservatives, which ensure that the tap produces crisp beer each time.

The tap room serves beers such as the Naramata Nut Brown Ale, Anarchist Amber Ale, The Muse and the Golden Promise, the Thornless Blackberry, and much more.  Aside from the flagship beers, Cannery also serves exBEERimental beer every Friday. The experimental beer consists of new products or something that the brewery is testing. New beers may also contain new ingredients in one of the flagship beers.

At the taproom, customers can enjoy a flight or glasses of beer at the bar or on the comfy patio. Cannery Brewing also collaborates with local wineries to offer customers a small selection of BC-made wine, cider, coffee and a range of other non-alcoholic beverages.  If you are hungry, the brewery also has an assorted menu for your perusal.