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Cherry Point Winery

Cherry Point

Welcome to Cherry Point Winery

Welcome to Cherry Point Winery, where you will receive the warmest welcome out there from the moment you close your car door and step foot onto the vineyard. Once you arrive on this 34 acre former mink ranch located just a few short miles south of Cowichan Bay and located in Cowichan Valley just a mere 45 minutes’ drive north of Victoria, BC, make sure to stop for a moment and take in the sheer beauty that awaits you on this vineyard. The Cherry Point Winery was established in 1990 and has been growing and thriving ever since. This vineyard is not only beautiful but it has been given the label as the second largest vineyard on Vancouver Island.

Cherry Point

The pride that is taken with the crops of this vineyard shows through in the final product and you will be able to tell just by the first sip. Once the crops are ready to be harvested the grapes are handpicked and their flesh is gently crushed and pressed juice is skillfully and lovingly made into some of the best tasting not to mention award winning wine in the area. The winery uses state of the art equipment allowing the process of turning grapes into wine to remain as natural as possible, which of course brings you the best tasting and looking wine.

Some of the most popular wines from the Cherry Point Winery include Pinot Blanc, Gitano, Maria Bonita, and Solera just to give you a little sneak peek. Besides offering wine Cherry Point features a Bistro restaurant right on the premises to give you a delicious meal as well as a memorable and luxurious dining experience.

If you are looking for a unique and stunning venue to host your wedding and/or reception the Cherry Point Vineyard and Winery is the perfect option. There is so much space and the atmosphere of the place is just spectacular and will give your wedding day that perfect and unique something special you are looking for. Imagine taking a photo of your vows being exchanged under an archway with the vineyard in the background, your guests enjoying the beautiful landscape as they make their way from the wedding area to the reception area.

The Cherry Point Winery is perfect for any occasion whether it’s a girlfriends Saturday wine tasting or an elaborate and elegant wedding day, stop on over today and see the beauty, magnificence, and stay to take a few tastes of high quality wine. Don’t forget to check out Cherry Point Winery on the Victoria Wine Tour where you can experience a variety of fantastic wines in one place.

Cherry Point