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Coast Mountain Beer

Coast Mountain 

Whistler's newest craft brewery, Coast mountain joined the BC brewery list in late summer 2016.  Located in function junction just a minute walk from Whistler brewing company.  Why not hit a couple breweries on your way through (As long as your not driving)

When to get to coast Mountain

Arrive at coast mountain any time before 3pm.  Once the snowboarders are done on the hill it really starts to fill up.  Makes sense right? Whistler is one of the largest ski hills in North America.

Coast Mountain Beer Lineup

Just a couple of the good ones here, always ask what's up next and be the one in the loop.

  • Surveyor IPA *CCT Fan favourite
  • Treeline Lager 
  • Field Guide Ale
  • Bonfire Stout
  • Sunbreak Saison

Do you go to Coast Mountain on the Whistler Brewery Tour?

Sure do! This is our flagship stop.  We stop for pint's.  Perfect for your special event whistler bachelor party, birthday party or corporate event.  We also stop here on our Sea to Sky Brewery Tour from Vancouver to Whistler or Whistler to Vancouver.